Four tasty food posts and a fifth post of a guy sporting a beard. The first four posts are fairly self-explanatory. The fifth one needs a longish explanation. And here it is:

For years, Leaf fanatics have painstakingly chanted “Go Leafs Go” in the hopes of giving their team an edge. Come playoff time however, this chant had mockingly morphed into “Golf Leafs Golf”; a taunting ridicule and reminder of the team’s decade-long run of playoff no-shows.

That all changed in 2017.

The above fifth social media image/post was an invitation for Leaf fans to come watch and cheer on the playoff bound Leafs at Cactus Club. (The idea was to update the picture, from stubble to full grown beard – as a way to visually demonstrate a strong playoff run).
The Leafs won all of two games.

Isn’t golf amazing?