Human Being/Filthy Animal Vancouver, BC

I’m a red head with a lot of freckles. I’ve never actually counted how many freckles I have, namely because I’m crappy with numbers. Granted, I’m older and frecklier than this picture would suggest. The boy you’re looking at isn’t even me - let alone a younger version of me. Which makes this whole "About" section either 1) ironic 2) sad or 4) I really can't stand math.

Other than being a freckled Google Images thief who's incapable of counting on two hands, I’m also a writer, a creative director, a blogger, a collaborator, a problem solver, a brand builder, and, it appears, a rhymer. Here, you'll find work that I've been involved with that's helped my mom sleep better.

Over the years, I’ve been fortunate enough to work with people who are good at their jobs. Because of this, I can define myself as award-winning without stretching the truth. Internationally, my work has been recognized by Cannes, The Clios, The One Show, London International Awards, Communication Arts, ET (Entertainment Tonight) and Stanford's MBA Marketing program.

Closer to home, I've been awarded Gold by Canada's most prestigious shows - Marketing, Advertising and Design Club of Canada, The Cassies, The Crystals and The Extras.

My list of clients is long. My list of references is much shorter. My resume moonlights as a curriculum vitae. I can forward along any of the above, if you’re into that sort of reading.

Thank you for visiting.