(NRDC New York)

The challenge: Feeding antibiotics to millions of healthy chickens can promote the rise of drug-resistant superbugs in humans.

The solution: Auntie Biotic, an improv comedian in a pill-covered chicken suit, visited KFC spreading the word about antibiotic use to the audience KFC cares about most—its customers. We filled KFC’s social media channels, Tweeting and Facebooking her way to more than 500,000 video views in her first month of life. Followers could petition KFC and donate to support the message. She appeared on a mobile billboard outside of their head office in Kentucky. She went on the road to major cities across the county.

The outcome: Within six hours of the campaign’s launch, the phone rang at NRDC… it was the Colonel. And within the year KFC publicly announced it would no longer regularly use antibiotics. Which is a huge win for Public Health and chickens everywhere.

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